Artist: Sharam Title: DJ, Producer, Label owner,.. Genre: House, Techno, Progressive House, electro House Location: Washington D.C., USA website: enter facebook: enter twitter: enter Beatport: enter iTunes: enter MySpace: enter Part DJ, part producer, part label  owner, and one half of the well  known house music duo, Deep  Dish, Sharam (born Sharam  Tayebi) first hit the big time in his  partnership with fellow DJ Ali  "Dubfire" Shirazinia and their  1998 release Junk Science. Over  the course of 15 plus years and  even more equally successful  releases, Deep Dish became a  name to be reckoned with in the  scene, and both Sharam's and  Ali's stars rose higher and higher. Eventually founding their own  Deep Dish label the two would go  on to remix tracks for some of the  world's biggest pop performers,  including Madonna, Dido, and the  Rolling Stones. As a solo artist,  Sharam hit the big time in 2006  with his remix of the Eddie  Murphy classic "Party All the  Time." The track became  ubiquitous at that year's Ibiza  holiday season, and kindled a  battle amongst larger labels to  release the track internationally.   Sharam counted a large  number of awards for his work on  his resume as well, winning a  Grammy in 2002 (for Dido's  "Thank You") and the Ibiza DJ  award in 2004. He continued to  pursue the business end of music  running not only Deep Dish, but  heading up (with Ali) Yoshitoshi  Recordings and Shinichi  Recordings. Throughout the busy  schedule and numerous projects,  both Ali and Sharam kept a  consistent touring schedule,  featuring in clubs all over the  world. “There’s a presence about Sharam that comes through in his music as well as his shows. Like any great relationship, you leave his show feeling as if you’re a better person… the Sharam experience.” - PLAYBACK:stl From underground classics like Texi, Get Wild and Don't Say A Word, to scoring international chart toppers, like PATT (Party All The Time) and The One, Sharam's musical credits are as dynamic as his DJ sets. His production collaborations include artists such as Kid Cudi, Shakira, Patsy Cline, Chris Martin and Daniel Bedingfield just to name a few. He seamlessly navigates between hypnotic underground sets rooted in his rich history of house and techno, while entertaining younger dance enthusiasts of today with laser like focus and dedication to quality. His motto remains 'entertain while educate'. His sound is Ibiza in Vegas. His style is limitless. At Miami Music Week (WMC) 2014 he once again scored one of the most sought after records with his new outing 'Tripi' on Seth Troxler's new labels inaugural release, garnering support from all sides of the industry. Tripi follows his rich history of seminal records like 2013's On & On featuring the long time collaborator Anousheh that ended up being the #1 Miami Buzz record. He followed that release with “My Way” taking a more techy vocal approach -- all part of his upcoming 2nd artist album. During the Miami conference Sharam rejoined his old buddy Dubfire as the legendary duo “Deep Dish” and performed their first show in over 8 years setting the industry abuzz once again with their set as well as their new single “Quincy”.

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