Artist: Navab Jalil Title: Producer & Remixer - Arrangment Genre: Trance-Ambient & Chillout Location: Iran facebook: enter

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Navab was born in Iran (Khozestan-Behbahan) on 30/08/1989 His childhood interest in Trance music,And childhood enthralled by the great artists like Robert Miles and ATB,Trance listening to him with great works of artists then began on a tape recorder,A few years after the Navab at age 16 with an environment to learn Ejay,And the works of his own time to put it,It works on the internet I was not left,And his goal of making it just works and styles of music and especially trance music software environment was,A few years after the Navab could not find your favorite software, This period began with the software that working with and listening and getting to know the great composers and their works have been inspired to some extent enhance the quality of their work,DJ Tiesto one character has an important role in the life of the Navab, he was using as a reference for this artist,Study and especially trance music styles will help him very much And could help him to do next,After some time the Navab and his efforts to collect some money from,And a powerful computer and a sound card and a keyboard to provide for the playing,But since then his work was never satisfied,And again tried to raise the quality of their works,After several years of effort, and Navab, now very much in the best trance music and his latest works at their official website for all to demonstrate,Navab works in several different styles, ( Progressive Trance-Uplifting Trance - Dance and Ambeint),After many attempts, He finally released one of their songs on 02/05/212 with Promind recordings,He is now working in a music studio in Iran-khozestan-behbahan, The material on this site and watch the hours on her,He always loved that song,All songs taken from his feelings and thoughts and ideas to reach the ears of all,He always tried to teach her ​​the songs of God's beautiful and life beautiful, And always will continue And now his official web site invites you to listen and comment to the best and latest songs of this artist from South of Iran Regards Www.NavabWeb.Com