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This website is dedicated to all the artists and fans from all over the globe. Our goal is to spread the joy and support the artists. We have gathered more than 250 exclusive playlists made by Persian artists and special/VIP guests here on PDJz.com. All the playlists are updated and released by the artists.
As an artist, all you have to do is to upload your tracks to one of this sites: www.mixcloud.com www.youtube.com www.soundcloud.com then send us a link to your profile and we will follow you. Feel free to use our facebook Group “Persian DJz” (with more than 5000 members) and facebook page “Persian DJz” (with more than 800 members) to promote your selves. Thanks for visting PDJZ.com Persian DJZ team All published media are expressed arts of the artists, released by the artists and are not representative of or endorsed by the owners or employees of PDJZ.com. It is the artist who releases the art and therefor PDJz.com does not take any responsiblity on this matter. This site may contain copyrighted material.
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