Artist: Emad Setayesh Title: DJ, Producer Genre: Trance Location: Shiraz, Iran facebook: enter twitter: enter YouTube: enter thedjlist: enter MySpace: enter

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Where does one start when it comes to describing Emad Setayesh and his musical genius? Born on January 1st, 1990, Emad started his musical journey in the beautiful country of Iran whose exotic demure and mystery are deep imbedded in his music. But his music does not stop there; it takes one to the heights of emotion and the deepest places of human soul all together. Emad’s musical talent became apparent to everyone since he was a child. At an early age, he built a reputation as one of the youngest and most talented Iranian DJs whose talent and maturity of music went above and beyond his age. A gifted music composer and arranger in genre of Trance, he started electronic music at the age of 16. He has certainly kept himself busy; he has released more than 60 underground tunes; and his first signed tune on Lexoflex records called ''Hidden Depths''. His ambitious and passionate approach to his musical career will sure catch the attention of the corporate world. His music has been played on various radio shows to this date. Breaking into the music world is not an easy task. But Emad’s natural talent and the beauty of his soul represented in his music will take him to far places and will touch many across the world.