Artist: DJ Vah Title: Producer, DJ Genre: Deep House, Oriental House, Progressive Trance Location: Tehran, Iran website: enter facebook: enter Discogs: enter

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Tehran-based Dj and producer Vahid Tavakoli known as DJ VAH, started spinning in the early 2000s. performing at raves, festivals and parties around Tehran, An intense relationship with sound and a drive to share energy through music was the reason VAH got into djing and influenced by the house music revolution. VAH represents a new era of DJing and performance utilizing the latest technology available while playing that truly captures the attention of anyone willing to turn an ear. His emotional presence and explosive mixing capabilities allow him to demand the attention of any room, big or small, delivering solid DJ sets time and time again.Hes always trying to bring something fresh and unique trough his sound and creating elegant atmospheres and grooves that mysteriously lure people onto the dance-floor. VAH has truly delivered the message that the Middle East is not only a place of war, but a place of musical expression and a hotbed of creativity. Over the past three years VAH has played at some of the big clubs in the world including MOS , Zouk , Kaos ,Lodge. His DJ Performances feature countries like Malaysia,Thailand, Singapore, Lebanon , Dubai, Turkey. He also running his podcast show "Audio Confessions" VAH now focuses more time on his production and dj career.New projects, performances, collaborations and remixes are always in the work In fact, it could be said that VAH is a real dancefloor chef;he has a sound recipe of his own, with quality house and east taste as ingredients.
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