Artist: Tupic (Farhad) Title: Producer, Dj Genre: House Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands website: enter facebook: enter YouTube: enter

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DJ TUPIC (Farhad) is born on 1 september 1983 in Tehran (IRAN). In the year 2000 he started his carrier as a DJ. In a short time he became one of the most wanted Persian DJs in Europe! He has performed in a lot of different countries in Europe (The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Danmark, Sweden, England) Beside DJ he is also a great producer. In 2007 he released his first produced track (eshghe man) including a videoclip and more are coming soon... MUSIC STYLES Persian - Turkisch - Arabic - House - Trance - R&B - Reggaeton - Dancehall - Bubbling - Latin - Salsa
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