Artist: DJ TAKiN Title: Producer, Remixer, DJ Genre: Deep Tech House Location: Toronto, Canada website: enter facebook: enter Beatport: enter

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Driven for many years by his passion for music, TAKiN is a celebrated Canadian artist, producer, radio host and entertainer. His passion has been constantly evolving taking him from remixing exciting tracks and genres early in his career to an all around artist and original music producer. TAKiN's talent has been recognized by leading Canadian labels including 6N7, High Bias Records and Maloos Music with a débuting international release in September 2012 and a series of subsequent original releases planned for the next year. He has played in top venues across Canada in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa and regular special appearances in Miami, New York, Washington and L.A. As a DJ, his focus is on the mixology of people and music, rhythms and creativity to create a unique energy on the dance floor transcending his audience to a place of thrilling and inspired experience. The love of music has been an unprecedented driving factor in TAKiN's life, creating evolution's in his desire for various sounds and scenes within the industry. He is a supporter of underground music with great appreciation of deep and tech house, ethnic and old world beat fusion sounds. TAKiN ’s recent successes are propelling him towards an international career both as a DJ and a music producer. His focus is more in tune than ever on creating sounds and style that are revolutionary, inspiring a broad audience and new generation of music lovers from around the world.
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