Artist: DJ Ferry [Farshad H] Title: DJ, Producer Genre: House Location: Tehran, Iran facebook: enter twitter: enter Beatport: enter

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DJ Ferry (aka Dented Minds) is  one of the most celebrated DJs  and producers in Tehran’s  underground night scene. With 10  years experience in playing and  over 3 years in producing his own  music, he is accounted as one of  the most seasoned nightlife figures in Iran. Some of his  credentials of the recent years  include remixing for artists like  Namito, David Lara, Paul C, Maris,  Paco Buggin; and remixing  memorial tracks like „Kiosk - Ay  Yarom Bia“ and „Zedbazi -  Tabestoon Kootahe“. Furthermore his own records  have been remixed by artists  such as the german duo Dole &  Kom, Namito, Collins & Behnam,  Ardalan and Socio Robots. He  has been signed by famous labels  such as BluFin, Suburban Tracks,  Natura Viva, Escapism Musique;  and has also been charted and  supported by famous artists such  as The Dolphins, Namito, Pirupa,  Alex Young,... He also has  performed for events held by  prestigous companies such as  Red Bull, Nokia, Kia Motors,  Samsung, Philips and Diesel. At  the moment DJ Ferry is working  on launching his own record label  „Shibiza Recordings“. Inspired by  many famous Persians such as  Dubfire, Pleasurekraft, Sharam,  Omid 16B, Namito, Behrouz,... the  new label will focus on Iranian  artists around the world, showing  their innate talent for music  despite being suppressed by a  closed society. The word  „Shibiza“ stems from the two  places „Shemshak“ in Iran and  the famous „Ibiza“, two places  with paradoxical demographics,  but an even sensation for house  music.