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When it comes to music and dance, DJ Al is a highly sought after profession, who’s well known in the entertainment industry. He started his career at the young age of 13 when he exercised his passion for music through DJing. He slowly worked his way up from doing gigs with other well known DJs and artists, to booking gigs every weekend, now having residency at one of the best clubs in San Diego on a weekly basis. Those who have been to one of his events know that, unlike others, he does not just simply DJ but puts on a show through working with others, making the experience for the crowd unforgettable. What makes Al’s DJing skills distinctive is his ability to not only transcend from one culture to another, but to incorporate diverse styles and genres to create a unique style that fits the mood of his audience: whether it be at a concert, a school dance, a club, a bar/bat mitzvah, or simply a private event. He has also produced and remixed a lot of different songs that have his distinctive spin on the songs and blend smoothly together. His entertaining shows mixed with the astonishing lighting, and willingness to work with others has gained him attention not only in Southern California , but nation wide—allowing people across the nation to experience Al’s shows and talents. DJ Al’s well known for coordinating big events, utilizing his connections with other entertainers and DJs and being able to blend the talents of other individuals together to create more than just a show- but an experience. DJ Al has worked tremendously hard to better his gigs which explain why he has been asked to play or be an opener for many ‘A List’ DJs in the world such as Darude, the creater of sand storm track. DJ Al can been seen in locations such as Prive Nightclub and Studio 54 in Las Vegas, Ultra Bar in Washington DC, Club Rio in Houston TX , Tentation and Bellagio in Orange County, Avalon Night Club, Music Box Hollywood and Club Rio in LA, Submission, Red Circle, and Aubergine Night Club in San Diego, and Zen’s Ultra Lounge in Denver CO. He has also been invited on many UC San Diego, and UC Irvine events to put on shows. Al’s endless passion for music has caused him to have endless success in the industry, making him one of the youngest and hottest DJs in Southern California . Although DJ has had so much success at such a young age, he is described as humble.