Artist: 2 L8 (Siavash Bagherpour) Title: DJ Genre: Trance, Progressive Location: Swansea. UK facebook: enter Booking:

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Shows: Balearic Sounds Airs; Saturday's at 5PM GMT Every week Powerbase Channel Virtual Dj Radio. An up to date blog of DJ 2 L8's Radio Shows with All Latest Sets to Download. You can Tune in On  (CHANNEL 4) FOR MORE INFO PLEASE CLICK ON THE WEBSITE LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE FOR DATES OF THE SHOWS and TIMES Hello My name Is Siavash aka DJ 2 L8. I am 33 years old and I've been into Trance and Progressive since 2003. I am UK born, but Persian in heart. I can say I am probably the first Persian DJ on the site. During my life I've lived in 9 years in Iran and another 3 years in Canada but now I am living in the UK so you can say I have seen the best of Both worlds. I am Fluent In French/English and Farsi which gives me the advantage in future goals and career prospects. I didn't start getting in the whole DJ lifestyle till 2006 when I first Purchased Pioneer's CDJ' 400 with a DJM 400 mixer and from then I started mixing to get myself up to pro level. I later decided to move my skills to the digital world and purchased Virtual DJ in summer. I constantly started to work with program until one day I decided to audition for Virtual Dj Radio. I got accepted and now 6 years down the line I am an admin of the Trance group and one of the few Djs that's been on the site for the longest period running. My music Influences are Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz. Music Style: Imagine you're on an Island under the sun lying by the beach with a hot lady by your side sipping on a nice cold mojito, when you hear a magical sound that when you close your eyes you want to fly away..You feel compelled to ask the DJ what is that style you are playing and I tell you its the sound of Trance and Progressive... I have made: 3rd Top DJ of The Year 2008, 2nd top DJ in 2009 and Top DJ in 2010 and Once more again on 2011 I made it to the Top Voted by the Listeners of the site. That is an honor to me since I have joined the site no less than 4 years ago. I bow to you all because without you there will be no Balearic Sounds..!!! Thank You!! Virtual DJ group: Virtual DJ Music Group x.html  Also if you have any shouts or requests message me and I will play it for you in the coming up show.