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"Ashkan" DJ/PRODUCER, and Vocalist with the nick name of “ASHKAN” (اشکان ) who was born on 29th of December with loads of dreams in Tehran showed lots of interests in some particular sorts of music such as “Robert Miles”, “Alphaville”, “Pet shop boys” since his childhood. He was very interested in all aspects of media in general and very much liked to involve himself with them, things like composing, film director,designing, singing and so on and so forth. He studied Mechanics; his especial talent, however, dragged him to electronic music and to produce them in particular. It has to say that he got some practical experiences in other areas in media as well, subjects like “film director”, “photography”, “ theatre” or even “singing” . After a while he started a project in a group of two with a friend of his called” Kooshan”. There was an entirely different approach to singing at that time in Iran. There were two characters in that project one with a harsh voice (AshkanXz = Ashkan) and the other as a guest, ultimately together Ashkan and Kooshan were producing the whole work by themselves. By doing so a band was created under the name of “ASHKAN KOOSHAN” which is their original Iranian name. They created absolutely a new style of music like no others; it was not such a thing in Iranian music before whatsoever. They used Iranian words in their own music as an innovation. “Dooset Dooset Dooset Daram” is one of their most respected music which is combined with Hindi and Farsi, it enjoyed of being No. 1 among the top 4 in Europe!! Since 2009 with a single track of “BARGARD PISHAM DOBAREH" Ashkan was committed to sing for the band. Their creation in the world of music was a combination of electronic music and soon after the style of the band turned into a very popular one and they stood out from their rivals. The following are the official websites: or and also the personal e-mail is as follow:
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