Artist: Ariya ( Persian) Title: DJ, Producer Genre: Trance - House - R&B.HipHop And Rock - Movie and Game Soundtrack - Chill out - Instrumentall Location: Tehran, IR facebook: enter Beatport: enter YouTube: enter Booking:

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" Ariya Persian " aka " DJ.Ariya " , an Iranian native, now residing in Persian Land, brings to the dancefloor a mix of melodic harmony and driving groove that is sure to be just as effective on the legs as it is on the heart. He got his start in 1998 with his first Unreleased Track "Recovery" and started to learn how to mix music, but just for fun on the side and a good excuse to buy Fl Studio. But for him, this was not enough. In Early years, he put together a studio in 2005 and began producing records as well. By the age of twenty one, he remixed artists such as Greg Access on VIPZONE,During this time he got his start into professional DJing with clubs.
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